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In the event of an emergency, Navy’s Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN) provides real-time alerts to the Navy community throughout the lifecycle of the incident/crisis or closure through:

4 Methods

  1. Giant Voice (GV)—A voice announcing system using exterior speakers, commonly termed “Giant Voice”
  2. Interior Voice (IV)—Interior speakers or sirens
  3. Computer Desktop Network System (CDNS)—An administrative broadcast across Navy computer networks that overrides current applications, thereby reaching all Navy users almost instantly. It works whenever you are logged in to your NMCI or One Net computer.
  4. Automated Telephone Network System (ATNS)—Interactive, community Network system capable of providing voice and/or data messages to multiple receivers—telephones, cellular phones, email, SMS (Text), etc. ATNS requires registration.

Register Now

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)—It’s a requirement.

  • In accordance with CNIC.3440.17 instruction, all DoD military, civilian and contract support personnel must ensure work and after-duty hours contact information (e.g., email addresses, personal cellular phone numbers or landline phone numbers) are entered into the system.
  • Navy can’t alert you, if they can’t find you!


  • Registration enhances your safety and empowers you to react in times of crisis.
  • Registration ensures that real-time alerts provide information to you and your family on what to do and where to go in an emergency.
  • Registration allows you to find out about base closures due to winter weather, storm, or emergencies, before you should show up.
  • Registration permits you to get word when it is clear/safe to return to the installation.
  1. Make sure "MS Edge" is selected as a default browser on your workstation (refer to the CDNS Registration Guide PDF).
  2. NMCI and One Net Users – Right click on the White Globe (w/purple ring) icon (bottom right corner on desktop)
  3. Select “Access Self Service”
  4. Select a certificate for authentication
  5. Review and select “acknowledge” of Department of Defense Computer System message
  6. Select the “My Profile” tab
  7. Select “Edit” to make updates to data if necessary. Additional Note: your ability to receive alerts on home phones, cell phones, pagers, and email address, depend on information entered into the mandatory device fields. 
  8. Select “Save” if changes were made and select “logout”
  9. You may update your device data at any time
  10. If you don't log-in to your workstation, generally in 90 days, your contact information will be removed.

*For detailed instructions, please, refer to the refer to the CDNS Registration Guide PDF.


Need Assistance?

Contact CNIC Support Center

Phone: 1-866-742-5550



Be Ready Navy—Be informed before, during, and after an incident; make a written family emergency plan; and build an emergency supply kit good for at least three days.

Interior Voice 130808-N-ZZ999-002



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