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Much of how you prepare for an emergency is the same regardless of where you are. No matter what part of the world you’re in, you need to be informed, make a plan, and build a kit. However, some potential threats may be greater in some regions. In addition, evacuation routes, safe haven and shelter locations, and mass notification systems vary by installation. Follow the navigation links under Regional Information for region-specific emergency preparedness information.

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Armed Forces Radio and Television Services

The American Forces Network Broadcast Center is the sole programming source for overseas military radio and television outlets serving American service men and women, Department of Defense civilians, and their families stationed in 177 countries and U.S. territories. You can look up local affiliates by selecting your country from the drop-down menu at

Noncombatant Evacuation Operations

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Be Ready Navy—Be informed before, during, and after an incident; make a written family emergency plan; and build an emergency supply kit good for at least three days.

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