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Disasters affect hundreds of thousands of people every year, some with little to no advance warning. It may happen at your local Navy installation. It may happen to you.  While the Navy, emergency management, and first responders are committed to helping those in need; assistance may be delayed during a disaster. As part of the Navy community, you have a role in planning for emergencies -- Be/Stay informed. Make a plan. Build a kit.

JEBLCFS Incident Management Team is Ready For Emergencies


Photo by ABF3(AW) Samantha Decker-Villafane

CNIC Offered Mobile Training Team Delivery of the Emergency Operations Center Incident Management Team Course at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLCFS)  4-7MAR14.

The course covers EOC IMT roles and responsibilities, information and resource management, communications, and the use of C4I Suite. 

Students were required to realistically lead, brief, coordinate, plan, and manage an emergency scenario. 




When Admiral Nimitz said this in a speech at the University of California 22 March 1950, he recognized the resiliency of Sailors during that time and the important role each member of the Navy community plays in Navy and personal readiness. It is a sentiment that still rings true today of the 21st Century Sailor - empowered to prepare ourselves and our families to face any hazards with confidence and an outcome of success.


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VIDEO-Emergency Management Lessons Learned at NWS Earle during Superstorm Sandy and subsequent snow storm Copy link to your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2TJ5mgRyB7s
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